Switch to renewable energy

Are you thinking of switching energy supplier?

There is only one energy company that is 100% renewable and certified by OFGEM.
That company is Good Energy.

If you decide that they are the right company for you – then there is a way you could help fund our work at no cost to you.

Simply go to this link http://www.localunited.net/?q=community/registered-communities
Scroll down the page until you see Rother Environmental Group and then click on Good Energy

This will take you to the Good Energy Website and you can switch supplier here.

If you do this then Good Energy will pay £20 a year to REG ( less a commission for Local United – who do good stuff) for as long as you remain signed up with them!

The cost of electricity from Good Energy is very competitive – check it out on the price comparison websites but you will find that there are one or two others that may be slightly ( up to 5%) cheaper but they are not comparable to Good Energy.

This is because Good Energy are dedicated to supporting micro-generators – and we have members of our group that have benefited from this support for more than 3 years  -and they are the only certified 100% renewable supplier.

Good Energy will “turn your choice into a voice” by campaigning for the expansion of low carbon energy and supporting small scale localised energy generation.

There is a “Dual Fuel” for those of you with gas and Good Energy will pay £40 a year if you choose this option.


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