Solar panels installed

Beba fixed the panels to the roof of the Studio School roof on Tuesday the 8th December. They are due to be connected to the grid later this week. The photograph was taken from the top of the tower of Rye Church – if you have not yet been up there – you should. The […]

Petition to help end whaling

Please support Marine Conservation Society’s call to Cameron – raise the political stakes against whaling! They say : “Since commercial whaling was banned globally in 1986, almost 30,000 whales have been killed and sold as meat by Japan, Norway and Iceland. If you think this makes no sense, and is wrong, you’re right! Japan is […]

REG comments on NE Bexhill development proposals

Planning Obligations and Developer Contributions The developer has stated in their planning statement that: Socio Economic Operational Impacts [will be mitigated by] Provision of affordable housing, nursery, new primary school, local centre and financial contributions to off-site [by means of] Planning conditions and S106 agreement. REG recommends that the planning conditions and S106 agreement should […]