Tuesday 25 January, 2022: A County Councillor’s View on Cutting Carbon

Cllr Paul Redstone is County Councillor for Northern Rother since May 2021. He is a member of various committees including the Pension Committee and Place Scrutiny. The Place Scrutiny Committee covers transport and environment, economic development and regeneration, community services and corporate functions.

Paul has a long time interest in addressing climate change through our own personal behaviour and he supports a climate change charity. He will present a view as a County Councillor on decarbonisation with reference to the operations of ESCC and the broader emissions across the county, including the balance of total carbon emissions across East Sussex (actually strictly CO2e where the e is equivalent), and what we can do about that.

Please join us on Zoom from 7.15pm onwards. The talk will start at 7.30pm, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A and discussion afterwards. We invite you to send in questions beforehand to info@rotherenvironmental.org.uk

REG members will be sent the Zoom link by email. Non members who wish to attend the talk please contact info@rotherenvironmental.org.uk  for the zoom link. 

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