Tuesday 30 November 2021: COP26 and the Future of the Built Environment 

Speaker: Anna Hollyman. COP26 was billed as our ‘last chance’ of avoiding catastrophic climate change, and reports vary as to how successful it was in its goal of ‘keeping 1.5’C alive’. We will discuss what was achieved and next steps in the context of the built environment – it would be great to hear your views. 

Anna will also touch on UKGBC’s Net Zero Whole life Carbon Roadmap that details what is required to decarbonise the UK’s built environment, and the ‘Build Better Now‘ virtual pavilion that gives an inspirational vision of what the future could look like.

Anna is an architect and sustainability advisor at UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), an industry led charity whose mission is to radically transform the sustainability of the built environment.  Anna is a trustee of REG, lives in Camber with her partner and 9 year old son. and is passionate about improving our connection with the natural environment.  

Please join us on Zoom from 7.15pm onwards. There will be a short AGM at 7.30pm followed by the talk, and there will be plenty of time for discussion afterwards. REG members will be sent the Zoom link. Non members who wish to attend the talk please contact info@rotherenvironmental.org.uk  for the zoom link. 

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