Tuesday 8 June: Zoom meeting. 7.30pm

Tuesday 8 June:  Zoom meeting. 7.30pm with Andy Dinsdale giving us a presentation on the River Rother Litter Audit, and a collation of the ‘Bottles from …’ data that Strandliners, we and others have collected. The Zoom link will be sent in the next REG newsletter.

CALL FOR ACTION to lobby for the bottle Deposit Return Scheme

In association with this next talk, REG is calling on all our members to pick up bottles and cans anywhere in Rother, not just on beaches and rivers, but also from the Rother countryside and town centres – but not out of bins!!

This is more than just a litter picking exercise. You will be helping to lobby for a national bottle ‘Deposit Return Scheme’ (DRS) in the Environment Bill. Strandliners are participating in the national campaign and acting as local data collection hub bottlesfrom@gmail.com

It’s easy to take part. Next time you are out for a walk and see a discarded drinks bottle or can, make a note of the material (plastic, glass or metal), the (small is under 750ml, or large is 750ml and over), and the brand. If you have gloves and suitable bag pick up bottle/can, then recycle.

Send the information to bottlesfrom@gmail.com with the subject title:

“Bottles from ….” (insert town, village, park, beach or river).

If there’s time, send a photo too.

Strandliners will collate the information and send it to the Government DRS consultation.

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