Changes to Planning Law and the Consequences, Tuesday 26 January, 7.30pm

Stephen Hardy MBE, Trustee of both Rother Environmental Group and Sussex Campaign to Protect Rural England, and was Chair of the Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan.

The picture of felled mature oaks in the High Weald AONB shows what happens when ‘protected’ land is not really protected.

Stephen will break down the impact of the wholesale proposed changes to the planning system nationally and in particular as they impact Rother. This new procedure would introduce a zoning system with three categories: growth, renewal or protection. Decisions for the first two will be taken in adherence to the agreed Local Plan and will limit the requirement for pink planning notices and public participation in any individual planning decisions. The Government says this will speed up the planning procedure but will result in far fewer opportunities for local residents to express their opinions and drastically reduce the accountability of elected members. Stephen will explain why this change will particularly affect large areas of Rother, like Bexhill, who do not have their own neighbourhood plans in place. 

Please join us on Zoom from 7.15pm onwards. The talk will start at 7.30pm, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A and discussion afterwards. We invite you to send in questions beforehand to the email below.

Please email  for the Zoom link.

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