Welcome to Earth

Please take five minutes to watch this film written and acted by five teenage boys living in Askar refugee camp in Nablus, Occupied Palestine, where schools are ill-equipped, prospects are bleak, and kids can feel the whole world has abandoned them. The imagination, the technical skill and the awareness of what is going on, not only in their own restricted desert strip of land, but also in the wider world is remarkable.

In ‘Welcome to Earth’ the boys highlight the damage of climate disruption and environmental damage on our planet, and how we should respond.

The Hands Up Project offers Gazan kids a powerful way to make direct online video contact with same age classes in the rest of the world, to talk about their lives, tell stories and to find out about others. They perform for the film in English, their second language,  which they see as a valuable entry to the international community.

The Hands Up Project also encourages volunteers around the world to engage, in English, in story telling, promoting dialogue and discussion with these remarkable pupils. Find out more here: https://handsupproject.org/

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