World Car Free Day, Tuesday 22 September 2020

Our initiative for September this year is a little different! Tuesday, September 22nd is WORLD CAR FREE DAY and Rother Environmental Group hopes you will join by avoiding using your car if you can – by walking, cycling or using public transport. 

During lockdown, many of us appreciated the quiet streets and clean air that came as part of the huge drop in car numbers on our roads. It was an opportunity to reimagine our streets and towns around people, not cars, and gave greater voice to nature so we could hear the birdsong.

Before we fall back into our normal routines, please take this opportunity to reflect and rethink how our streets could be – find out more about the Living Streets initiative here.

Please also spread the word about World Car Free Day with friends and family and online so that you can make other people aware of this date and suggest they leave their cars at home also.

REG would like to get together some photos of members getting around 22nd September to put on our website. Please send your photos to You can add a few words if you wish and no full names will be included on the website.

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