Update on Waste meeting held on 15 October

Confused about what can be recycled?  The 90 + people that turned up for a presentation given by Madeleine Gorman and Deborah Kenneally of Rother District Council hosted by the Bexhill and Rother Environmental Groups (BEG and REG) on 17 October and are no longer in the dark about what can and can’t be put into those green mixed recycling bins.

The audience learned that last year Rother dealt with almost 36,000 tonnes of waste of which just over 10,000 tonnes went for recycling and 17,600 tonnes of waste in the black bins went to the Energy Recovery Facility in Newhaven to be burnt, generating enough electricity to power 25,000 homes.  On top of that a further 8,300 tonnes from the brown garden waste bins went to a Composting facility in Brighton.

Everyone was encouraged to apply the simple rules of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE to lessen the amount of waste created in the first place. Deborah’s three golden rules are:

  1. “Refuse the packaging” so try to avoid it if you can;
  2. “No Black Plastic” in the recycling bins as currently this cannot be detected by the automated facilities; and finally
  3. “Don’t read the labels” as many of the labels giving recycling instructions are misleading with more items being capable of recycling than the labels might suggest.

It seems that there are a number of myths about items that can’t be accepted for recycling such as cling film, pizza boxes, coloured food trays (except black), plastic food wrapping, plastic carrier bags and shredded paper. So it is worth checking on the Rother District Council website by going to FAQs and typing “What can I recycle” to get a list of cans and can’ts.

A copy of the presentation can be found here – Recycling Presentation

The audience was encouraged during the evening to suggest ideas on how to reduce waste.  The resultant top tips can be found here – Top Tips


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