Deepwater Horizon Kino Rye


The film Deepwater Horizon will be shown at Kino Rye and Hawkhurst from Friday 14 October.  Booking opens from Monday 10 October.


One thought on “Deepwater Horizon Kino Rye

  1. If you like action packed big budget Hollywood films, you’ll enjoy this. it also provides a good insight into the massive logistics required for oil exploration. The film set is one of the largest in film history, with a 85% scale replica of the rig. However other than telling us right at the end that the incident was the largest oil spill in US history, there is nothing at all about the environmental aftermath following the explosion on Deepwater Horizon, which is a shame. In one scene, one sees oil covered pelicans crashing into the windscreen of a nearby ship, but that is all. As for the more technical aspects of what happened, this video is probably more instructive than the film:

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