Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Beach Cleans

Hi Everyone

There is a big beach clean at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve this Saturday 9th March. http://www.wildrye.info/dates/

Sat 09 March 2013 @ 10:00

Spring Beach Clean

We should see the first Wheatears and Sandwich Terns while helping to remove the winter’s rubbish. Hot soup will be served at the end.
Meet at

, 10am – 1pm.

I have had a look at the strandline and here are some things you may find if you go down to the beach on Saturday.

Firstly some manmade flotsam, clockwise from top right;

9 Smarties lids (top right) – all round (pre-2005), 3 with Rowntrees on (pre-1990). Left by beach visitors to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve maybe 23 years ago. For more info – http://www.classaxe.com/smarties/uk/lids#collecting

Crisp packets (bottom right) that have been carefully folded or tied in a knot …….. and then dumped on the beach! The triangular one is actually a really amazing piece of crisp packet origami. Recently I found one with a best before date of 2001! They obviously last longer in our environment when time is spent folding and knotting, so why not spend that time putting in a bin?

Tags and ties from the U.K (bottom left). But what are they used for? Various containers? There are many on the beach. Anyone any clues?

Lobster and fisheries tags (top left) – from North America! Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Newfoundland & Labrador! Some are as good as new whilst others have been pecked, nibbled and gnawed by marine animals on their 2,500 mile journey to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. But 8 found on this 2 mile stretch of beach – and the last beach clean was only 3 months ago meaning they all landed recently. How many more are out there waiting to hit land? For more info – http://theflotsamdiaries.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/transatlantic-connections-part-i.html

Now some natural flotsam; clockwise from top right;

Common Otter shells (Lutraria lutraria) (top right) – these are quite common on the beach at the moment, and not too broken up yet. Lovely large shells.

Cetacean vertebrae (bottom) – probably from Harbour Porpoise, there was the remains of another one on the beach until last week.

Mermaid purses (top left) – these are the egg cases of skates, rays and some sharks. The bunch are Small Spotted Catshark / lesser Spotted Dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula) with very curly tendrills, and next to it is a Thornback Ray (Raja clavata) egg case. These are generally the most common on Rye Bay beaches. If you put one in water for 24 hours it will increase in size by a third to it’s original size. For more info – http://www.sharktrust.org/en/great_eggcase_hunt

Lastly – Any ideas why so many toothbrushes? And this one is tethered!

The beach has many surprises, so if you can make it this Saturday, do look out for anything interesting, whilst making sure that the soon to be arriving breeding wildlife have a safer time rearing their young.

All the best

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